Video Clips-Veggie Channel

These include short clips with Vesanto Melina, Luciana Baroni MD, and Massimo Leopardi, filmed in Venice, Italy.

The Kick Diabetes Cookbook

Kick Diabetes Essentials by Brenda Davis RD

Vesanto Melina speaking on saving the environment

Vesanto Melina MS RD and Brenda Davis RD talk about their history

Let’s Shift Subsidies to Healthy Plant Foods: Vesanto Melina Ottawa 2019

Vesanto Melina – ABC’s of Vegan Nutrition

Vitamin B12 with Vesanto Melina

Cow free Calcium – Brenda Davis

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Brenda Davis

Plant Protein – Brenda Davis

Whole Grain Hierarchy – Brenda Davis

Raw Vegan Diets – Vesanto Melina

The Vegan Golden Years

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