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An Even More Inconvenient Truth? (Part 1)

An Inconvenient Truth is a superb documentary, and well worth seeing, if you haven’t already. You might get the DVD ( or from video store) and view it with family, friends, and members of your clubs or organization. This film, featuring former Vice President Al Gore and his traveling show on global climate change, received standing ovations at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. It does an outstanding job of presenting… Read More »An Even More Inconvenient Truth? (Part 1)

Beauty Outside, Beauty In

From — and even within — our fair city of Vancouver, we can experience peace and tranquility and be immersed in spectacular natural settings without going far. In fact, we can achieve this by heading off in practically any direction of the compass. One appealing destination for a weekend away, or even a simple Sunday drive is Harrison Lake; 2 hours east of Vancouver. This picturesque, 75 km long deep… Read More »Beauty Outside, Beauty In

Wind Beneath Your Wings

Do you aspire to a lifestyle that will transport you to a new level of health and vitality? Knowing that vegetarians weigh in at 10 to 20 pounds less than non-vegetarians, do you hope to eat that way, at least part of the time. (Qualify this: you would if you could find decent tasting veggie choices.) Do you want to shift your kids’ diets from fast foods to items they’ll… Read More »Wind Beneath Your Wings

Fine Dining With Health in Mind

Sparkling white soup bowls are placed before us, each with a cluster of exotic salad greens at its centre.  Our charming server pours a creamy green soup into our bowls from an elegant pitcher, and the greens become a leafy island. Thus dinner begins: a Spring Pea Veloute garnished with Lemon Scented Baby Herb Salad. The taste is an exquisite blend of sweet peas, spinach and shallots, the texture smooth.… Read More »Fine Dining With Health in Mind

Canadian Food Trends to 2020

This study looks ahead at Canadian food and beverage consumption to the year 2020. It provides valuable insight into our evolving consumer environment as well as the developing opportunities for the domestic agriculture and agri-food sector. This report combines factors and issues that are expected to drive consumer attitudes and perceptions using consumption forecasts based on Canadian statistical history. It suggests what food and beverage products consumers may want to… Read More »Canadian Food Trends to 2020

Sky, Sea, Road and Rail

For many of us, winter brings the pleasure of travel. For some, it’s an escape from cold and rain, or the best season to visit exotic locations; for others, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with distant family members. Work-related trips recently took me toCaliforniaand then toBarcelona, and this column was inspired by my “Strict Vegetarian” meal on KLM Airline on my return flight viaAmsterdam. My dinner tray consisted of roasted… Read More »Sky, Sea, Road and Rail

Share Your Love: Gifts for People and the Environment

Would you like to put a positive spin on gift giving this holiday season? Do you shy away from Christmas commercialism, yet wonder what to offer those you love? Consider these gifts that keep on giving and that have far-reaching benefits: Items that help people enjoy the great outdoors: cross country or downhill skis, tennis rackets, bikes, snowshoes, a compass and whistle for hikers. Sets of sports equipment for a… Read More »Share Your Love: Gifts for People and the Environment