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My Two-week Water Diet

I recently underwent a fascinating, life-altering three weeks. For two of those weeks, my diet consisted of bread and water – without the bread. And I am not someone who has experienced anorexia. Quite the contrary – I was drawn to the field of nutrition because of my love for food (nutritious or not) and snacking has been a recurrent downfall. But fate flung at me an inflammatory sports-related condition… Read More »My Two-week Water Diet

Food and Compassion

You have just dined and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity. – Ralph Waldo Emerson Humans are magnificent creatures capable of achieving great heights. Although at times less than obvious, there is much goodness in humankind. Never before in history has any species invested so much time in helping other creatures. We love others. We try to remedy injustice. We feed people… Read More »Food and Compassion

Water: Life’s Foundation

Water is the essence of our body’s circulatory system and that of the planet’s. In our bodies, a loss of 10 percent of our fluids can be fatal. However, with an increase of 83 million people on the planet every year, water demand will continue to escalate unless we change our use of this precious substance. It is expected that in 15 years, 1.8 billion people will live in regions… Read More »Water: Life’s Foundation

Exploring Food and Nutrition

While we can certainly find some pretty absurd stuff on the Internet, I marvel at the ease with which we can now find facts that, in past decades, would have taken months of searching. The following websites are rich in information: For accurate information about vitamins and minerals, visit the Linus Pauling Institute’s Micronutrient Information Center at If you’re curious about how much calcium is in a cup of… Read More »Exploring Food and Nutrition

Climate Change: We Care

What’s responsible for all this climate change? Most Canadians will point to the closest SUV or freeway. As it turns out, our sky-high gas prices have a plus side; they are forcing us to reconsider our highly polluting transportation habits. Yet transportation isn’t the biggest contributor to global warming. Livestock generate even more global warming gases, including immense volumes of methane from enteric fermentation by ruminants (gas from both ends… Read More »Climate Change: We Care

Food and Special Needs

Each of us is unique in our food and nutrition needs and this is no less true for those of us with various disabilities. I’ve begun to discover some of the special challenges and solutions to be encountered while I’ve been working with a heart warming non-profit society in Abbotsford called the HOME Society. Food has often been used as a way of placating, distracting or rewarding people receiving special… Read More »Food and Special Needs

Nutritious Eating On The Go

Do you often find that you need something that you can grab as you rush out the door, and can eat on the run or at your destination? Does a commute to work replace a leisurely time at the breakfast table. Do you attend school but find your best time to eat something nourishing is after you arrive, for example in a morning break? Is your drive home a time… Read More »Nutritious Eating On The Go

An Even More Inconvenient Truth? (Part 3)

For the first three months of 2007, the focus of my columns is a new phenomenon: the recognition by scientists, and increasingly by the public, that dietary choice has an immense impact on global warming and the environment. In other words, it’s not just big ticket items like buying a hybrid car, or replacing our car with a bike that will impact future generations of life on earth. We can… Read More »An Even More Inconvenient Truth? (Part 3)

An Even More Inconvenient Truth? (Part 2)

In the January issue of Common Ground magazine, this column addressed the report released late in 2006 by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, stating that cattle in the meat and dairy industries generate more global warming greenhouse gases than can be blamed on transportation and use of vehicles.(1) Here we continue with a recent study by Italian and Swiss environmentalists that compares meat-based and plant-based diets, equivalent in… Read More »An Even More Inconvenient Truth? (Part 2)