Holiday Recipes

Treat Yourself

Throughout my childhood, our family had a February tradition. During this grey, rainy month, my sisters and I were allowed to stay home from school for one day and do whatever we liked (within reason). This personal holiday was created by my mom, simply because February tends to be such a dreary month. Mahara Brenna, an outstanding mediator and master rebirther in Vancouver, recently commented to me that, in this… Read More »Treat Yourself

Healthy Celebrations

We look forward to holiday feasting–yet our anticipation may be mixed. Experience taught us that it takes a lot of exercise in the New Year to shed bulges added in December. Some ask how we can feast while following dietary guidelines for heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. We might wonder how to create festive menus for groups that include vegetarians, nonvegetarians, and/or people with food sensitivities. Can foods be celebratory,… Read More »Healthy Celebrations

Have a Berry Delicious Summer!

Many of us love July because this is the month that nature brings out her berries and stone fruits in abundance.  These colorful and sweet jewels fromBritish Columbia’s fields and orchards are little powerhouses of nutritional protection. Of the common berries, strawberries are highest in vitamin C; and because of their seeds, raspberries contain a little more protein (not that fruits have much protein), iron, and zinc; both berries provide… Read More »Have a Berry Delicious Summer!

Vegetarian (Vegan) Holiday Meals

During the holidays, young people return from college, relatives arrive from near and far, and we connect with seldom seen friends. For an estimated one family in four (and the number is growing), festive holiday meals must be adjusted to accommodate one or more vegetarians. These include young people with concerns about animal rights and environmental issues, and older individuals who have had a cancer, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease scare.… Read More »Vegetarian (Vegan) Holiday Meals

Beauty Outside, Beauty In

From — and even within — our fair city of Vancouver, we can experience peace and tranquility and be immersed in spectacular natural settings without going far. In fact, we can achieve this by heading off in practically any direction of the compass. One appealing destination for a weekend away, or even a simple Sunday drive is Harrison Lake; 2 hours east of Vancouver. This picturesque, 75 km long deep… Read More »Beauty Outside, Beauty In

Fine Dining With Health in Mind

Sparkling white soup bowls are placed before us, each with a cluster of exotic salad greens at its centre.  Our charming server pours a creamy green soup into our bowls from an elegant pitcher, and the greens become a leafy island. Thus dinner begins: a Spring Pea Veloute garnished with Lemon Scented Baby Herb Salad. The taste is an exquisite blend of sweet peas, spinach and shallots, the texture smooth.… Read More »Fine Dining With Health in Mind

Sky, Sea, Road and Rail

For many of us, winter brings the pleasure of travel. For some, it’s an escape from cold and rain, or the best season to visit exotic locations; for others, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with distant family members. Work-related trips recently took me toCaliforniaand then toBarcelona, and this column was inspired by my “Strict Vegetarian” meal on KLM Airline on my return flight viaAmsterdam. My dinner tray consisted of roasted… Read More »Sky, Sea, Road and Rail

Share Your Love: Gifts for People and the Environment

Would you like to put a positive spin on gift giving this holiday season? Do you shy away from Christmas commercialism, yet wonder what to offer those you love? Consider these gifts that keep on giving and that have far-reaching benefits: Items that help people enjoy the great outdoors: cross country or downhill skis, tennis rackets, bikes, snowshoes, a compass and whistle for hikers. Sets of sports equipment for a… Read More »Share Your Love: Gifts for People and the Environment

Savoring Winter Squash

As we move into the season of winter celebrations, we welcome warming meals shared with family and friends. Winter squash has many appealing qualities: these hearty vegetables form attractive, edible centerpieces at festive dinners; their dense texture is richly satisfying; they are rich in fibre, B vitamins such as folic acid and thiamin, and the protective phytochemicals known as carotenoids (Beta-carotene and others). For those with food sensitivities, squash is… Read More »Savoring Winter Squash