Vesanto Melina

Something Fishy about Fish

Not long ago, fish was considered a health food. Yet in 2004, we are getting some mighty confusing advice. We are told by an expert on Canadian fish Dr. J. Sheeshka that people who are concerned about organochlorines can simply cut off and drain away as much fat as possible when cooking fish. She says however, “Consumers who are worried about the contaminant load can greatly reduce their risks by… Read More »Something Fishy about Fish

Veggie Goes Mainstream

The last two decades have been a time of maturation for many of us, and a coming of age for the vegetarian movement. In 1982, the year of Common Ground’s birth, vegetarians were typically regarded as part of the counterculture. Yet the seeds of change from the 70’s had fallen on fertile soil and taken root, and these would have far reaching ramifications in the marketplace, among health professionals and… Read More »Veggie Goes Mainstream